We all know we could use a little extra motivation to help us on our fitness & health journey. That’s why I put some of my favorite quotes together to give you a reminder that you are totally worth the effort. Because the right effort when it comes to your fitness, goes a long way.

nutrition quote

Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive bag.


You don’t fail until you give up. Don’t let a setback keep you down.


Fuel your body with the right foods and you will feel & look amazing from the inside out.

awesome quote

Screw average. Show everyone just how awesomely weird you can be.

nutrition quote

Food can either heal your body or feed disease. Make sure you make the right choices.


Do all these things and so much more.

piyo quote

Don’t let your genetics or family history dictate your future. You are in charge of your health & fitness today.


It’s not too late to live the healthy lifestyle you always wanted.

motivational quote

Don’t be afraid to fail! Failing is often part of the process. Just get back up and keep going.


Just think about all those endorphins that kick in right after your workout. Now, go get ’em.


Lastly no matter where you are in your journey, remember that you a freaking BEAUTIFUL human being.

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