Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is definitely rewarding but not always the easiest. From piles of tupperware to trying to get ample sleep with a crazy schedule to always being hungry from high intensity workouts, these quotes are something I definitely relate to and I hope you do to.

  1. Dirty tupperware is the bane of my existence.
  2. And then after it’s washed & you can’t find any of the lids…
  3. You remind yourself that there is a good type of B.S. in your life 😉
  4. And your morning workout sometimes need an extra alarm or two…
  5.  During your waking hours, you can only think about what you’re eating next…
  6.  You think to yourself why can’t this scenario be possible:
  7.  And by 3pm on your low-carb cycle day, you give people a look and expect them to understand that…
  8. You think back to the easy days of being a child…
  9. And you realize you’ve turned into a beautiful monster.
  10. Who gets upset if your calories are wasted on stupid things.
  11. You ask your friends to join in on your silly games…
  12. Then, your friends show you the first they’ve meal prepped and they ask you if they’re doing it right…
  13. Finally, it’s late at night and you start to contemplate all your problems.
  14. Yet, you remind yourself tomorrow is a new day and you most definitely do got this 😀




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