Most of us love to snack, but when you’re in the office all day, occasional snacking can turn into bad habits. From celebratory sales donuts to Dara’s birthday cake, these salty & sweet snacks can take a toll on your body’s health. The office is full of temptation! Here a few tips that can help you stay on track even when you’re at your desk the entire day.


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(1) Stock your Drawer Full

Stocking your draw full of healthy snacks can help you fight off temptation. Craving something salty? Stock up on almonds, pretzels, hummus or edemame. Craving something sweet? Add some dried fruit or yogurt to your daily routine.

(2) Drink Water

Water is your best ally. Drinking water gives you a feeling of being fuller and satisfied. Not so keen on its plain taste? Try adding a squeeze of lemon or a few slices of cucumber to spritz up the taste.

(3) Pack your meals

Packing a healthy meal before hand can help prevent last minute impulse decisions. From office pizza to the nearest food truck, a rushed lunch can lead to a negative impact on your diet. Not enough time to make lunch? Plenty of markets have pre-made salads & wraps that can save your budget and your waistline.

(4) Don’t be afraid to say “No thanks”

Just because half the office is ready to dive right into that double stuffed Oreo cake, does not mean you have to say “yes”. Excuse yourself politely or take a piece and throw it right in the trash. If you’ve already had a “cheat meal” this week, it’s ok to pass up on the office sweets.

With these tips in mind, the workplace can actually be a place that supports your healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s always a bonus when co-workers begin to notice how in-shape you are looking.

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