I got 99 problems and I went to the gym and solved 67 of them. Working out takes discipline and determination, but if you find the sweet spot where endorphins meet pure sweaty satisfaction… you’ll soon find yourself addicted and dreaming of your next lifting session or Soul Cycle class. From your last scoop of pre-workout to losing track of which set you’re on, here are 9 struggles people who workout can relate to.

1. The despair that hits you when you’re out of pre-workout



Nothing worse when you’re trying to stay on your morning rise & grind routine and you realize you’re out of pre-workout at 6:30am. Let’s be real…it’s pretty much crack for fit people.


2. Or the annoyance of completely spilling your pre-workout everywhere


I mean why let such an expensive, quality product go to waste?


3. Finally your pre-workout kicks in and you feel like a God


Who doesn’t love that all over tingling feeling that gets you amped for the gym? Watch how quickly you become a morning person with pre-workout.


4. And your friends get confused why you get so hyped to workout


Whether it’s your favorite body part to workout hello glutes or you just love the pure endorphin rush of the gym, not everyone understands why you’re so hyped to workout. All I know is…don’t you dare get between a fit chick and her squat rack.


5. Deep down inside you always want to help out the people with bad form


It’s a balance between being that total a-hole that walks up to random stranger at the gym giving them advice, and actually being concerned for their safety. Most of the time, it’s better if you let it go – but doesn’t mean you can’t stare ;). 


6. You’re constantly checking for progress even though it might not show right away


Are my jeans looser? My biceps larger? Whatever your goal is, it’s hard not to be on the constant lookout for positive reinforcement. Luckily, getting stronger, better and faster at your workouts gives you a clue that you’re headed in the right direction.


7. Finally, the joy you get when actually see the progress in the right direction


Are those new muscles? Yes, yes they are. No better feeling than seeing those abs you’ve been working hard on finally show through. Because a workout junkie always remembers, it’s slow and steady that wins the race. Ok slow with patience but treadmill sprints for the win.


8. Your friends ask you if there’s more to your life than working out


Like maybe a few other things…but you warn them that they don’t want to see you on on a day you don’t workout.


9. Finally, it’s rest / cheat day and you enjoy it like an excited puppy


Even though deep down on the inside you know you can’t wait to hit the gym again.

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