Yes, it’s summer time. So what better way to show off your new bikini than with a bodacious booty and toned legs? This killer leg workout will help get you there.

(1) The forward lunge


Use anything between a 3lb to 8lb pound weight. Lunge forward on each leg keeping your back straight — 8 times on each side.

(2) The side lunge


Use anything between a 3lb to 8lb pound weight. Step out at a 45 degree angle keeping the same form as the forward lunge — 8 times on each side

(3) The squat


Use anything between a 6lb to 15lb pound weight. Make sure to keep your butt back and chest forward — Repeat 12 times.

(4) The wall sit


Keep your back straight and legs at almost a 90-degree angle – hold for 60 seconds.

Repeat 2x for 3 sets total. If you are new to leg workouts, 2 rounds total should suffice.

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