I’m always on the hunt for snacks on-the-go especially for the weekends or when I’m traveling. When I found out about this protein bar made from crickets, I was instantly intrigued.



The first thing I do when evaluating a new food product is to look at the ingredients. Check out the ingredients in the cocoa nut bar:


All ingredients you can pronounce, no fake sugar and full of good things like almonds, dates & flaxseeds. They are free of gluten, soy and dairy – triple WIN! The fiber content is another key thing I look for in a good snack & this bar is packed with it.

Lastly, I needed to check if it tasted good and boy did it pass the test. It has a smooth texture with just the right amount of sweetness and I was very satisfied. I’m a total chocolate nut so out of all the flavors I would definitely recommend that one with the peanut butter, jelly bar a close second.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.27.38 PM

Check out this fun chart off their website.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.34.05 PM

So the main reasons I love the bars: 1) great, all-natural ingredients 2) good taste 3) super filling. Anyways if you want to give this new protein bar a try, feel free to hop over to their website and check it out. Use MEOWMEIX discount code for 15% off.


Note: I was not paid for this blog 🙂 This is my personal opinion. I was just sent the product free to try and would’ve skipped the post if I wasn’t a fan ;).

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