I was so excited to welcome to the Beachbody social media team my new coordinator and fitness rockstar, Danis Paris. Her energy, passion and vibes are a perfect compliment to our team.


I have to give her mad props for losing 28 lbs over a period of a year and a half! She truly made a lifestyle change and it paid off. Here’s a little bit of her story:

“I really thought I always maintained a pretty healthy lifestyle.  I worked out 3x a week at least & stayed pretty far from carbs, however, on the weekends I completely blew it.  Weekend binges on food & alcohol became a weekly routine so my hard work throughout the week was completely cancelled out.  I had such a hard time trying to balance being fun and being fit, so it was my goal to be able to do both…live a fun lifestyle enjoying alcohol in moderation & enjoying social food outings.  I’m a sucker for an awesome restaurant and good wine.  In an effort to make being fun and fit a reality, I decided to cut back on things like alcohol, sugar, and late night drunk food.  I didn’t cut out my vices, I just cut them in half.  Here are a few of the other keys to my success:” – Dani Paris 

1. I started eating more protein

Right after I finish my workouts I make sure to fuel up on Beachbody Performance Recovery or heavy protein recovery snack like Green Yogurt with Fruit.

2. I incorporated weight training into my weekly workout routine

I had always steered clear of weights for fear of bulking, now i do Body Beast 2x a week and I completed 2 rounds of Insanity: MAX 30.

3. I made Monday through Friday my priority workout days

You can always squeeze in a little something before, after, or during work. I also try and make being active part of my lifestyle…whether its walking to social events, hiking on the weekends, biking, trying new classes, walking the neighborhood, snowboarding etc.

4. Make time for a cheat meal – not a full day

I make Sundays for epic cheat MEALS not epic cheat days. That’s the key to staying balanced and not completely blowing your success.

Check out another one of her before photos.


And here she is now with me pre-sweaty stair session workout.



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