Who doesn’t love grabbing a fresh juice post-workout at Jamba? It’s even better when they actually use fresh ingredients instead of frozen fruits and vegetables. Well, I was lucky to attend an event where they showed off their new Jamba smoothie swag and got to taste their new flavors made from fresh not frozen veggies and fruit.

Jamba Juice-3638

The two new smoothies they had for tasting were Tropical Greens & Citrus Kick.

Tropical Greens
Tropical Greens Smoothie

– Fresh apple juice, fresh pineapples, fresh supergreens (organic baby spinach, red and green chard, baby kale), ice and chia seeds.

Citrus Kick
citrus kick smoothie

– Fresh orange juice, fresh apple juice, fresh pineapples and ginger juice.

As I am not personally a fan of citrus drinks in general, I definitely preferred the Tropical Greens Smoothie, which was a perfect combo of fruit and veggies with chia seeds for an added boost (so good!). For people who love citrus-y drinks, the Citrus Kick would be a great choice. You can certainly taste the difference in these new flavors. Jamba Juice is now committed to bring more fruits and veggies to consumers, and is doing so by expanding its fresh squeezed juice offerings to more than 500 stores this year. That sounds like an win to me!

woman holding juice

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