If you know me, you’d know how totally obsessed I am with Quest protein bars. Not only do they taste the best but they have the best nutritional value. The chocolate chip cookie dough bar is my favorite and is 190 calories per bar with 8g of fat, 21g of carbs, 17g of fiber (aka only 3g of net carbs), and 21g of protein.

Now, they’re taking their product offerings to the next level with these new protein powders. Staying true to their roots, it’s full of flavor while still being able to satisfy your macro needs. For example, the chocolate milkshake protein powder is 110 calories per scoop with 0g of fat, 4g of carb, 2g of fiber, and 23g of protein.

quest event-5617

What’s the best part about all their offerings? You can create SO MANY, crazy healthy concoctions.  quest event-5614

quest event-5626

The smoothie bar Quest had at their event was to die for. quest event-5625

I can just taste those muscles growing…mmmmm.

quest event-5628

I walked over to the protein dessert section and I’m pretty sure I died and went to fit-girl heaven. quest event-5630

Delicious pumpkin cream cheese muffins – and they’re guilt free!quest event-5631

Red Velvet Cake Pops…Not like the ones you have at Starbucks.

quest event-5633

My personal favorite…Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes! YUM!quest event-5634

Super cute mini PB&J Parfaits.

quest event-5635

Chocolate Walnut Brownies…giving a whole new meaning to #cheatclean. quest event-5663

And just in case your sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied enough, chunky peanut cup ice cream. I seriously cannot wait to try the recipes from their Cheat Clean Recipe Book, all of these desserts included.quest event-5652

So much Quest goodness on one wall.

quest event-5659

Let’s just say I had a blast at their event and their new protein powder is a definite win.

quest event-5653 copy

Of course, I didn’t walk away empty handed.

quest event-5680

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