Crossfit style workouts can help you get awesome results without the usual repetitiveness you might find at a typical gym. When you add a friendly competition to the mix, you’d be surprised how hard you can push yourself. A co-worker at my office, Keith Queen, is a very experienced crossfitter and has all the equipment needed to complete these high-intensity style workouts. Lucky for me, I have the pleasure of joining him when I’m feeling bold, adventurous and need a switch from my normal routine.


(Keith Queen, experienced Crossfitter & owner of Hong Strong)

Rules: This workout is call the “Partner Workout – 600 Yards” and involves one member going through the below moves while the other holds plank. If the team member drops out of plank, they both must complete 5 burpees before continuing on the course. Member A completes moves while Member B holds plank and then they switch. Both team members are timed through the workout including the time in between members switching roles and once they’re done the other team must try to beat their combined time. Flip a coin to see who goes first.

Note: the below pictures are both of team member A & B.

1 – Reverse Sled Run 50 yards (45lbs male/25lbs female)


2 – Sprint Back 50 Yards


3 – Heavy Sandbag Carry 50 yards (100lbs male/ 60lbs female)


4 -Standing sled rope pull 50 yards (45lbs male/25lbs female)


5 – Reverse kettle bell overhead toss 50 yards (44lbs male/25lbs female)


6 – Overhead plate walking lunge 50 yards (45lbs male/25lbs female)


(Partner should be holding a plank like below while the other completes course)

Workout Shooting-4982

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