Packed with protein and less fat than most beef, ground turkey is a staple in my diet and goes well with many dishes. Need new ideas for this healthy meat? Here are few of my current favorites.

1. Turkey Burger Veggie Stack

turkey burger veggie stack

Screw the bun! This double turkey burger stack saves you carbs and calories. Don’t let the missing bread get your down. The combination of grilled red & yellow bell peppers, grilled onion and a grilled portobello mushroom on the bottom gives this dish a crispy kick. Add your favorite dijon to spice up the flavor.

2. Turkey Marinara

turkey marinara

Ground turkey marinara is great on its own or served over whole wheat pasta or zoodles. The way I prefer to cook it is light on the marinara sauce and heavy on the added veggies. Here’s my recipe:

1. Coat a pan with a little bit of olive oil.
2. Add white onion, white mushrooms, basil and rosemary.
3. Once veggies are cooked well, add one package of ground turkey.
4. Once ground turkey meat is almost fully cooked, add a can of tomatoes (no salt added).
5. Finally, add a little bit of marinara and mix well.

Simple & delicious!

3. Turkey Burger Salad Bowl

turkey burger salad

Take your turkey burger to a whole new level with this salad combo. Combine spinach, onion, bell peppers & tomatoes in a bowl. Toss well then add in cut turkey burger pieces fresh off the grill. I mixed balsamic with a dijon mustard for the perfect salad dressing for this dish.

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