We finally have more daylight back & Spring is just around the corner! With the changing of the seasons I wanted to share four of my favorite pre-made smoothie bag ideas to satisfy your taste buds and streamline the process with pre-portioned vegetables and fruit! These smoothie bags are all nutrient dense and a real game changer if you’re short on time in the mornings or just want a simple, quick, and healthy breakfast. Not only is this method a huge timesaver, but will also save you money & will help you effortlessly maintain your healthy eating habits. You can store these smoothie bags in the freezer which will also help prevent your produce from rotting quickly.⁠ Pro Tip: If you have browning bananas, this is a great way to salvage them and not let them go to waste! 

All of these recipes can be customized to your liking too! Some of my favorite things to add to the blender are chocolate or vanilla protein powder, greek yogurt, kefir⁠, unsweetened nut milk, water, coconut water, and ice, if needed. When you’re ready to enjoy your smoothie, simply empty the bag into your blender, add milk, yogurt, etc. and pour into a cup!  

Craving Berry Bliss? Go for this:

Mixed Berry Smoothie⁠

smoothe bags

⅓ cup Strawberries⁠

⅓ cup Blueberries ⁠

⅓ cup Raspberries ⁠

1 cup baby spinach⁠


Looking for a tropical taste? Try this:

Tropical Smoothie⁠

smoothie bags

½ an Orange ⁠

½ cup Pineapple ⁠

½ cup Kale⁠

½ Avocado⁠


Feel like something powerful? Power up with this: 

Green Machine ⁠

smoothie bags

½ – 1 cup Spinach ⁠

½ cup Cucumber ⁠

½ green apple ⁠

½ cup Pineapple ⁠

2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes⁠


Craving chocolatey goodness? Indulge with this:

Chocolate Cherry⁠

smoothie bags

1 small banana or ½ a large banana⁠

½ cup pitted cherries ⁠

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder⁠

½ cup spinach⁠



  1. 1. Place all of the smoothie ingredients in a bag

2. Freeze them until you’re ready to eat 

3. Pour the contents of the bag into a blender

4. Add milk, coconut water, yogurt, etc. 

5. Blend & enjoy! 

My personal favorite from these sexy smoothie bags was the chocolate cherry combo! I’d love to hear which of these you tried and loved, let me know below!