How is everyone feeling now that we’re about half-way through the first month of 2020?! Hopefully, you’ve had a great start to the year and are feeling confident that you’ll be able to achieve anything you put your mind to this year, especially as it relates to your health and fitness journey! Speaking of health, you guys know I LOVE a good smoothie, which is why I wanted to round up my 4 favorite smoothies that will totally rock your world! Smoothies are a great way to add in more veggies and have a tasty, satisfying snack or meal! Feel free to customize these recipes to your liking (ie. add protein, hemp, chia, etc). I know I personally like to add some protein to my smoothies, either with a protein powder or in the form of Greek yogurt. I also like to have a balance of vegetables and fruit to ensure I’m getting a totally nutrient dense smoothie.

Looking for something sweet? You’ll love this: 

berry smoothie, healthy smoothie

Smoothie Favorite #1: Berry Blast
What you need:
½ Cup of kale⁠
¼ Cup of strawberries⁠
¼ Cup of blueberries
¼ Cup of raspberries
¼ Cup of blackberries
1 scoop vanilla protein powder⁠
4-8oz water⁠
Handful of ice⁠

Craving something seasonal? Go for this: 

fall smoothie, greek yogurt smoothie, healthy smoothie

Smoothie Favorite #2: Fall Smoothie
½ Cup of greek yogurt⁠
1 persimmon, peeled⁠
½ medium size banana
½ Cup of spinach⁠
4-8oz water⁠
Handful of ice⁠

Looking for something packed with power? Try this: 

antioxidant smoothie, smoothie recipe, veggie smoothie

Smoothie Favorite #3: Antioxidant Smoothie⁠
½ Cup of cauliflower
½ Cup of strawberry
½ medium size banana
1 tsp chia seeds
½ Cup of spinach
4-8oz unsweetened almond milk⁠
Handful of ice

Craving Paradise? Enjoy this:

tropical smoothie, healthy smoothie

Smoothie Favorite #4: Tropical Smoothie⠀
½ C spinach
½ C frozen mango
½ medium size banana
2 orange slices
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
4-8oz water
Handful of ice

Add all the ingredients into a high speed blender or food processor⁠⠀
Blend until it’s all combined ⁠⠀
Drink up!

I hope these healthy smoothie ideas satisfy your taste buds and help you stay on track! All of these nutritious, simple recipes allow you to save money, time, and encourage healthy eating habits.As always, I would love to hear which of these you tried and loved! Leave a comment below!