What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of breakfast? Combinations like sugary cereal + milk, orange juice + bagel + cream cheese, donuts or blueberry muffins are some of the classic American staples that top the list. But what if I told you many of these morning choices are going to send your blood sugar for a wild roller coaster ride leading to an energy crash later and provide you with minimal nutrients compared to other options out there!

breakfast vs. breakfast

That’s why I’m here to send you in the right direction when it comes to the food you start your day with! Breakfast aka ‘break your fast’ should be a nutritious yet still delicious experience. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for some of the less nutritious choices in moderation. It just means that more often than not you should try to follow many of these guiding principles below!

Also, there is good news here! There are brands out there like Purely Elizabeth that make upgrades to some of these classic breakfast foods so you can still have your pancakes and leave feeling satisfied and full with a much more nutritious and higher protein experience! Essentially, you can have your cake and eat it too ;).

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Breakfast Upgrade #1 – When it doubt, add a protein rich food

Protein is a very satiating macronutrient and important component of your breakfast meal. Things like adding in a high quality protein powder, going for eggs or adding in other protein rich foods can start to make your breakfast meal a much better choice. You’d be surprised to find out that actually starting your day with grass-fed steak & eggs is actually an extremely nutrient dense way to kickstart your day. I also love that Purely Elizabeth also has a high-protein pancake option too!

Breakfast Upgrade #2 – Don’t skimp on the fiber

Fiber is also another important addition to your breakfast meal that will help to regulate blood sugar and provide you with gut health benefits. There’s a reason why swapping oranges for orange juice is a great choice! The fiber from the whole fruit will help to slow down the absorption of the sugar so you don’t get this huge insulin spike than crash later. Additionally, it’s much harder to eat a lot of oranges but so easy to guzzle down 12 ounces of sugary orange juice. Fruit juices are also often stripped of many of the beneficial nutrients from pasteurization. Whether with veggies or whole fruit or nuts or another fiber-rich food, your body will thank you later when you start your day with fiber.

Breakfast Upgrade #3 – Add some healthy fats

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or just maintenance, dietary fats are an important part of a balanced healthy diet. Starting your day off with nutritious versions of fats is a great way to provide your brain and body with healthy fuel. Did you know your brain needs fat? Brain matter is composed of about 60% fat (when drained of water). Whether you’re going for a handful of nuts or incorporating Purely Elizabeth pancakes stacked with coconut & almond flour, there are plenty of nutrient-dense options out there for you!

4 – Skip sugary drinks and sub in lower-sugar options

Whether we’re talking about sugar-bomb frappuccinos, jamba juice sugary smoothies or fruit juices, all of these drinks have one common theme: a high amount of sugar, little-to-no fiber and extra calories all of which can hurt your health and your waistline in the long-run if you’re consuming them every day. If you view these drinks closer to dessert or treat options, then you’re on the right path.

For a more nutritious way to start your day, make sure you’re drinking tons of mineralized water and feel free to add in low-sugar drinks like tea, lightly-sweetened coffee or low-sugar protein shakes.

Now I know skipping things like french toast or pancakes might not sound like fun so I teamed up with Purely Elizabeth to highlight this nutrient dense alternative to commercial pancakes. Because I want you to live a healthy lifestyle but also have some fun doing it!

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