Bikinis, Barbecues, & Sunshine are a staple in our summer routine. Yet, sometimes the importance of sun protection can get washed away in the waves. So, why should you care? The National Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that the sun causes 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers; YIKES! Just because you lather some sunscreen on the hot blonde next to you does not mean you’re doing enough to protect your skin. Below are 5 common sun-protection mistakes.


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(1) You’re not putting enough on

A little dabble here and there is not good enough to have you completely covered. Don’t be afraid to slather on a good handful on. If that means recruiting a special someone to help you out, go for it.

(2) You skip sunscreen on a cloudy day

Just because the forecast shows “cloudy with a slight chance of sunshine” does not mean you should send your sunscreen packing. A cloudy barbecue could lead to just as much sun exposure as usual.

(3) You’ve only applied once

If you plan on spending the whole day poolside, you better be ready to reapply. Although applying every 90 minutes is ideal, it might not be the easiest to remember between volleyball sets and vodka shots. Try aiming on at applying at least 2-3 times that day to avoid severe sun damage.

(4) You’re not using the right stuff

If you’re still using the 7 SPF sunscreen you took from your sister’s bag 5 years ago, that’s not going to cover it. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 or higher. Play it safe and stick to 30 or 50 SPF.

(5) You think your t-shirt has you covered

Think your favorite sports team t-shirt has you covered? Think again. A study found that most t-shirts have less than an SPF of 15. Just because your lucky shirt helped your team win last night’s game does not mean it will protect you again the harmful sun-rays. Yes, you can definitely use this as an excuse to take off your shirt and lather on the sunscreen.

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