Eat real food that makes you feel good from the inside out! That’s my motto and that’s why I’m sharing with you these delicious protein-packed lunch combinations that won’t leave you feeling like you just ate rabbit food or leave you hangry before you know it. I love this quote from Chris Rocchio – “If you give your body what it wants – protein, healthy fats, dense nutrition, slow-burning carbs, fiber – you won’t crave the junk.” Just a friendly reminder that it’s about eating clean, nutrient dense foods, not necessarily about eating less. You can find ideas like these shared weekly on @Chris.Rocchio_Fit‘s Instagram or my Instagram page @MeowMeix!

Turkey TexMex Combo 

I love this simple yet delicious combination. Shake it all together and you got one yummy lunch! Here’s what’s in it:

3/4 cup ground turkey (cooked with olive oil, white onions and everything spicy @flavorgod)
1/2 cup Melissa’s Produce tomatoes
1/4 cup corn
1/4 cup black beans
1/2 cup green bell peppers
1/4 – 1/2 avocado (not shown)
bonus: add some salsa!

Southern Comfort Combo (without the guilt) 


@Chris.Rocchio_Fit put this bomb lunch together and I have to say I’m drooling just looking at it. Here’s what’s in it:

Chicken Breast with Carolina Style BBQ sauce
Steamed asparagus with sea salt & olive oil
Baked Sweet Potato

Asian Persuasion Combo


I put this asian-inspired meal prep together and I have to say I loved it! The sesame oil that the shittake mushrooms were sautéed in was a nice touch. Here’s what’s in it:

Shredded chicken
Shiitake mushrooms sautéed in sesame oil
Purple cabbage
Shredded carrots
All over mixed greens

The New Yorker Combo 


Because red meat can be healthy too! @Chris.Rocchio_Fit breaks down how red meat can be healthy for you “1) get it from the right sources, 2) prepare it properly (don’t burn or char), and 3) consume it in moderation. It is an excellent source of B vitamins, especially B12, which is crucial to proper functioning of almost every system of the body. And If you don’t get enough sun or fish, red meat contains a form of vitamin D (really a hormone) that is quickly and easily assimilated into the body.” Here’s what’s in this prep:

NY Strip Steak
Rainbow Quinoa
Sautéed Zucchini

Burrito Bowl Combo


Who needs chipotle when you can put burrito bowls like this together? @Chris.Rocchio_Fit knows that the best way to stay on track is to recreate your favorites the healthy way. Here’s what’s in it:
Ground Turkey
Roasted Bell Peppers
Chopped Garlic
Chia Seeds
Black Beans
Avocado (not shown)

Hope this help get ideas flowing! Now, let’s get prepping.