Sex, we all love it. It’s only human nature. But did you know that going “all the way” could have some serious health benefits? From burning calories to acting as a natural stress-reliever, getting between the sheets can improve your overall mental and physical health. Below are a few reasons why you and your partner should “get jiggy with it” more often.

1) Relieves Stress & Anxiety

From work deadlines, to family pressure and new projects, stress is a constant part of our busy lives. So, how do you get a relief from the constant white noise? Sex has been known as a great way to calm your nerves and lower anxiety. In a University of Paisley Study conducted in the UK, people who had daily intercourse for two weeks showed lower stress-related blood pressure than those who chose to fool around in other ways or abstain from sex altogether.

2) Burns Calories

Couldn’t make it to the gym today? Hop in bed for a quick workout session with your significant other.  If you’re having very vigorous sex, you are probably in the high end of that spectrum.

3) Boosts Immune System

A study at Wilkes University revealed that individuals who engage in sexual activity once or twice a week have substantially higher levels of the antibody Immunoglobulin A (IgA) than individuals who had no sexual activity or sex less than once a week. Is sex the cure for the common cold? Maybe not exactly, but having sex more often may indeed help prevent you from getting sick by increasing your antibodies.

4) Increases Self-Esteem

Missed a work deadline? Feeling down on your confidence level? Showing your partner that you still rein over your domain can be just what the doctored order when it comes to your self-confidence.

5) Improves Quality of Sleep

Having sex can lead to a better sleep session. Oxytocin, which is released during an orgasm, has been linked to better sleep and overall reduced stress-levels. Getting good sleep is vital to your overall health and having sex before a snooze session just may be the answer.

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