Unlace your shoes and get ready to clip in for one hell of a ride. Cycle House LA will rock the socks off your typical workout. From heart pounding beats to the best instructors in town, Cycle House always delivers a bad ass, no-bullshit workout. I’ve been to many indoor cycling classes before at gyms such as David Barton or Equinox and they don’t even come close to being as awesome or as calorie-burning as these classes. Below are a few reasons why I think you should give Cycle House a try and ditch your same old, boring gym cycling routine.

1. The classes are high energy and intensity


With the lights down low and the music on blast, Cycle House classes are full of high energy and enthusiasm. It’s hard not to get into it when the whole class is moving as one and the spinning instructors are shouting at the top of their lungs. They definitely know exactly how to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire ride.

2.  They play the best music

Image From Swedish House Mafia’s best hits to the latest Drake songs to some fierce Beyoncé remixes, they always have the best blend of new tracks. Although your typical gym class might stick to the charts top 40’s or some old school rap without much variation, Cycle House is always on the cutting edge of music and I love their fusion of hip hop and EDM in many classes.

3. They have the best instructors


There are good instructors and then there are GREAT instructors; and Cycle House has great instructors. Nichelle’s get-in-your-face, go hard or GO HARDER teaching style is perfect for making you give it your all without even really thinking while Maranda’s bubbly class will make you think you’re at dance party, not a workout class. Those are just two of my favorites, but all of the instructors have their own unique spin style that no matter what will leave you dripping sweat afterwards!

4. They know how to work you


You’re not just sitting down in your bike the whole time. You’re moving up, down, back & forth, side to side all while engaging your core, legs, and even arms. Each class incorporates arm weights part of the way through to make sure you are truly getting an entire body workout.

5. Extra Bonus: They’re a charitable company


Cycle House is a small and new company yet that doesn’t stop them from trying to make an impact on the community around them! For every bike booked per class, they donate two meals to the charitable organization Feeding America. I also love the campaigns they are constantly running such as donating a meal to Feeding America for every selfie you take & tag Cycle House in (How easy it that!) or classes dedicated to raising money for charities such as the Dolphin Project. It’s nice to know I’m spending my money at a company that cares!

Seriously though, don’t take my word for it! Sign up for a class and try it out yourself. Who knows, you may even run into Madonna (I may or may not have seen her at a class 😉  ).

*This blog post was not endorsed in any way. I wrote this purely because I love the people, the company, and the good vibes they have there. These are all my personal opinions!