Football, fantasy leagues, World Series baseball and leaves changing color are all signs that it’s no longer summer. Yet just because the seasons are changing, doesn’t mean your should let your workout regimen fall by the wayside. Here are a few tips and reminders of how to say on course this fall.


(1) Take advantage of the weather

As the weather cool downs, it becomes safer to workout outside. From long runs to strenuous hikes, the outdoor workout can be a great change of scenery from your usual indoor gym view.  As it gets even cooler, don’t be afraid to take it indoors or buy a few at home workout DVDs.

(2) Switch up your workout routine and make it fun

If you been doing that same routine that past 3-4 months of summer and you’re starting to burn out, it may be a sign you need to switch it up more. From new moves and workout classes, to a kayaking trip with your friends, keeping your workout regimen fresh is important to maintain the success of your fitness program.

(3) Plan ahead and schedule it in

Planning ahead is an essential component of your fitness success. Make sure to plan healthy meals and workout times on a weekly basis. By setting time aside for both components, it will help ensure that other plans won’t interfere with your fitness goals.

(4) Add healthy fall vegetables to your diet

Season fall vegetables such as pumpkins and squash are packed with vitamins and can be used in many different ways! Grab roasted pumpkin seeds from your local market or try making our easy low-carb spaghetti squash recipe.

(5) Find your motivation

Less sunlight may leave you wanting to skip your normal morning routine. Try using different tips to keep your motivation up. Set goals and reward yourself for making every workout that week. Buddy up so you don’t have a choice to go to the gym. Challenge everyone in your fantasy league to a real football game.

Just remember you’ll be back in your swimsuit before you even know it.

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