While there are many different ways I’m showing my support for the black community, one of the things I’m doing proactively is elevating black voices and creators on social media platforms by not only following their accounts, but also highlighting their pages to all of my audience. I have promoted many of these influencers and health gurus in the past but I thought right now would be a great time to highlight them to you in case you missed it! You will also find some new faces in here.

I truly believe diversity and equal representation in the food, health & nutrition space is a must. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 6 influencers in the health and wellness black community to follow and support. Whether you’re looking for new recipes to try, general health tips, or workout information, there’s an influencer on this list with helpful info for you. Between their high-quality content and aesthetically pleasing photos, your feed is about to burst with flavor and personality!


#1 – Creator of the Model Health Show Podcast & Bestselling author of #SleepSmarter, Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson is a nutritionist/health guru who hosts “The Model Health Show”– one of my all-time favorite podcasts about health and fitness. I have looked up to Shawn for a long time. Nerd alert, I even printed his podcast logo to put on my desk as a reminder to strive to be as genuine and helpful as he is. I love that he breaks down complex health issues and makes them easy to understand and shares helpful information about all kinds of topics. You can follow Shawn’s Instagram for more details.

#2 – Dietitian sharing delicious, easy vegan recipes & wellness tips daily, Catherine @PlantBasedRD

Catherine is a Dietitian that shares yummy and easy plant-based recipes and wellness tips everyday on her page. Her recipes make eating more whole foods fun and delicious! Catherine’s flavorful recipes are packed with a wide variety of simple ingredients and other nutritious whole foods which make healthy eating exciting; I truly had a tough time picking my favorites when scrolling through her feed. Check out her page @plantbasedrd here. 

#3 – Graphic artist and content creator spreading impactful and positive messages, Oh Happy Dani

Danielle Cooke aka Dani shares all kinds of awesome, colorful graphics and is a wonderful voice for positive change in the world! While I haven’t met her in person, I have loved following her account and learning from her beautiful and informational posts. If you’re looking to incorporate more positivity in your life (who isn’t?!), give @OhHappyDani a follow.

#4 – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist + Recipe Developer, Marisa Moore, MBA. RDN.

Marisa Moore is a registered dietitian nutritionist who posts all kinds of healthy and vibrant recipes on her page! I love that she switches it up in her recipes and uses a wide variety of ingredients to make them even more fun and nutritious. If you’re looking for some creative healthy-cooking inspiration her page is perfect for you!

#5 – Recipe developer and epic food content creator, Kevin Curry @FitMenCook

Kevin shares tons of fun, healthy and delicious recipes on his page as well as on his youtube. I love how he combines simple, whole-food ingredients to make a wide variety of flavorful meals that are full of nutrients. If you like to get creative in the kitchen, his Instagram page @FitMenCook is perfect for you.

#6 – Women’s health dietitian, Valerie Agyeman, RD aka @flourishheights


I can’t believe I just found Valerie’s account but love all the tips she shares! Her easy-to-follow graphics make it perfect for anyone wanting concise but fun wellness, healthy & nutrition tips. She really brings the science to the nutrition space while also making it easy to understand.

I hope you found this blogpost inspiring! Let me know what other content creators you love in the space.

MeowMeix aka Amanda