One thing I often hear when it comes to healthy eating is that it’s too complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. The truth is that eating healthy looks different for everyone, but it definitely doesn’t need to be costly, take forever, or be overwhelmingly complicated. There are so many ways to simplify your meals and streamline the cooking process to save you both time and money without sacrificing the quality of your food. That’s why I’m sharing 6 simple hacks that can help make healthy eating more sustainable and of course, delicious. ⁠

So here are 6 Simple Ways to Make Healthy Eating Easier: ⠀

1- Buy pre-cut veggies.

There’s no rule that says vegetables are only healthy if you cut them yourself! Obviously it’s important to be mindful and try to limit the amount of plastic wrapped items that you purchase, but if buying a few pre-cut vegetables means that you eat a healthy meal rather than a processed takeout meal that still uses packaging- I say do it. Buying certain vegetables pre-cut can save you lots of time and make the idea of whipping up a healthy meal a lot less overwhelming which is a win. ⁠⠀

2- Invest in a few practical kitchen tools.

Gadgets like an egg cooker, air fryer, instant pot or food processor can make meal prepping at home so much easier and quicker. Not only does my egg cooker boil eggs fast AF, but they’re also perfect every time. Everyone has their favorites go-to meals and when it comes to meal prepping, it’s so worth it to invest in tools that make those meals even easier to make on a regular basis.

3- Choose recipes that use simple, common ingredients.

Taking the time to plan out your meals for the week and coordinating them to have an overlap of ingredients is one of the best ways to eat healthy on a budget, while also cutting down on food waste! This process will also make grocery shopping so much smoother and it’s a fun way to get creative in the kitchen by using the same ingredients in different ways.⁠


4- Use spices to create flavors you love.

While I definitely love the taste of many raw vegetables, seasoning can make a huge difference when it comes to making a nutritious meal that you will savor and enjoy. Have fun with different spices and find combinations you love! Don’t be afraid to add some sea salt either.⁠⠀

5- Meal prep ingredients you use often.

While meal prepping entire meals is fantastic, it can also save you lots of time to meal prep specific ingredients that you use often. For example, if you know that you tend to use a lot of chopped mushrooms and bell peppers in your food, it would be helpful to chop up some extra and have it ready to go for the next time you’re cooking. This saves so much time throughout the week and makes cooking delicious, healthy meals at home much more attainable.   ⁠⠀

6- Freeze herbs in olive oil for easy cooking.

Just like some people freeze pieces of fruit in water, freezing herbs in olive oil is a great hack to maximize the life of your produce and add flavor to your food. Not only does this make cooking a bit easier, but it’s also a great way to preserve your herbs before they go bad! When you’re ready to cook, simply pop a cube or two out of an ice tray and you’re good to go! ⁠⠀
I hope these tips help meal prepping easier and a bit more fun!
Amanda ⁠⠀