Meal prepping is key to staying on track during the week. It doesn’t have to be complicated either! You can just do lunches or even snacks to start out. Set aside some time on the weekend or Monday to grocery shop and prepare some food. It may take a little more organization and planning up front but then your meals the rest of the week will be done and ready to go. No more worrying about where to go or what to eat.

Tip 1: Plan your meals then write your grocery list


Seems straight forward but this step is key! If you write your grocery list then try to plan your meals, it will be complete & utter confusion and either too much or too little food. Writing out meals and/or recipes will keep your organized and minimize wasted food. Feel free to plan a little extra veggies or snacks if you want to have extra.

Tip 2: Eat before you grocery shop 


Going to the grocery store hungry can be a huge disaster. Those bit size taste testers at Trader Joe’s just don’t cut it if you’re starving. That’s why it’s key to have a good meal before you make your way through your grocery list. I know I don’t want to show my hangry side to the friendly cashiers at Trader Joe’s. I always make sure to eat something yummy before I grocery shop and this also helps me avoid last minute irrational purchases. Dark chocolate in the check out aisle does not count as an impulse buy. Ok maybe it does but at least it’s healthy ;).

Tip 3: Multi-task your cooking – Think using oven + Stove

If you are new to meal prepping and cooking in general, this may be a little harder. This however is the key to saving time. If you have vegetables roasting in the oven, salmon baking and multiple pans of shredded chicken and a pot cooking quinoa – think about how many food items you can knock out in an hour or two. Again don’t get too crazy and make sure nothing burns but I love being super productive in the kitchen.

Tip 4: Have an arsenal of seasonings 


Don’t worry about mixing the perfect blend of flavors when you have great seasonings on hand! Flavorgod is my go-to. Also if you make super simple recipes like baked chicken, different seasonings makes it easy to switch the flavor up. Spicy chicken one week, garlic chicken another week is an easy way to add variety.

Tip 5: Get creative with your vegetables 


Spiralizing your veggies is a great way to enjoy the food you love in a whole new way! Add some yummy sauce and it’s like your eating a bowl of pasta without the calories or fake ingredients. Paderno is my go-to brand of spiralizer. Check out this delicious dinners I made with with both spiralized zucchini (zoodles) and spiralized yellow squash. Note: I tried spiralizing a carrot and it was freaking impossible so carrots maybe not the best idea.


Tip 6: Think about how GOOD you’ll feel when you eat right


Nothing motivates me more than thinking about how good eating healthy makes me feel. It’s so much more than just weight loss or fitness goals. Eating healthy truly makes me feel good from the inside out. That’s why it’s easy for me to stay on track! Plus, who wants to eat all the fake crap and chemicals in processed food today? So many shady chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Those factory made ingredients are not good for your body, for example check out this “Lemonade” that doesn’t have any lemons in it. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL guys!!! If processed citric acid is the closet they can get to lemons, leave me out please.


So skip the BS they feed us in the processed food aisle and make nutritious, delicious meals that keep you satisfied all week.