With 2019 coming to an end, and a new decade right around the corner, I wanted to share my top 7 tips to start the new year strong (literally!).   Not only is the new year a perfect time to set some new goals & habits up for yourself, it’s also a new DECADE, which means sky’s the limit! While it’s important to think about your goals throughout the entirety of the year, I always think it’s important to start the new year with a fresh mind, fresh goals, and fresh plans! When thinking about your goals, it’s also important to think SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals).  The most important part about setting your goals is crafting a plan in order to achieve them!  So without further ado, here are my 7 tips to start the new year strong:

  1. MOTIVATION: Pick a goal that motivates you personally. Rather than making a resolution that you feel you “should”, choose one that you can get excited about. Doing something purely because you think you should won’t give you the necessary enthusiasm or determination to do the work that is necessary. When we are excited about something (whether it’s the “end result” or simply having more energy and feeling better) it makes the process much more enjoyable and gives you more incentive to “do the damn thing.” 

  2. PLANNING: Outline your plan to achieve these goals. There will always be some temptation to give up on your goal early, we’re only human after all!  Sometimes you may set a goal for yourself and realize it’s no longer a priority or might be out of your control.  The key to actually accomplishing those goals however, is to PLAN. When you take the time beforehand to craft that plan, it helps you mitigate any temptations or obstacles, meaning  you’ll be more prepared to stick to your new habits. So before starting the New Year and setting those resolutions, decide how you will deal with the temptation by crafting that safe guard plan. .

  3. BE REAL: Set realistic goals for yourself.  One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success in the new year is to make a resolution or set a goal that you can realistically stick to. Now, I’m not saying only pick goals that are easy to stick to, but rather goals that will challenge you and push you to be the best you can be without being so far out of reach that you barely try. For instance, instead of resolving to never eat your favorite pizza ever again, shoot for only having it once a month. This way when you’re craving that slice, it’s easier to resist because you know you’ll enjoy it soon enough and still be on track with your goals.

  4. IT’S ABOUT THE JOURNEY: Keep track of your progress along the way.  Every accomplishment counts, big or small! Try breaking down your bigger goal into smaller short-term goals and document them in a notebook or on your phone.  By doing this, you can feel the excitement of seeing your progress, which will help you to continue the momentum. When you see that you’ve stayed on track for X many days in a row, it makes it so much easier to wrap your head around just one more day of doing the same thing! After all, you got this! 

  5. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER:  Have a reliable support system in place. Accountability is one of the most important factors in achieving your goals and maintaining a resolution. It doesn’t matter who it is- just choose someone you know will be there when you need them to help encourage you when you feel like quitting and to help you get back on track if you fall off. The great thing about this is that you can be their support too and help hold them accountable to their goals as well. It’s a team effort! 

  6. GO ALL IN: Dedication & Persistence. Long-term goals require patience and dedication. It takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit, so don’t give up before you’ve really even started. I promise once it becomes a habit, you won’t have to think about it quite as much, and over time you may not have to think about it at all. We don’t form new habits overnight, so be patient with yourself and keep going! 

  7. LOVE YOURSELF AT EVERY STAGE: Be kind to yourself. No matter what your goal is for the New Year, remember to be kind to yourself along the way and not beat yourself up if you get off track. When you’re hard on yourself and don’t leave room for mistakes it can be SO much harder to stick to a new habit or activity. If you miss a workout or eat a piece of cake, don’t give up on yourself and throw all your hard work and progress out the window. Just do the best you can and remember that it’s never too late to get back on track. 

7 tips to start the new year strong

Now that you have my top 7 tips to start the new year strong, I want to hear some of your goals for the new year! Feel free to drop a comment below!