Hi, I'm Amanda Meixner!

After struggling with an eating disorder in high school I realized that being healthy was about fueling your body with the right foods, not starving yourself.

From that point onward I started educating myself on all things nutrition and began crafting my innovative meal prep techniques.

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Green Goddess Smoothie

Who wouldn't want a mid-day pick-me up? This Green Goddess smoothie will make you feel good inside and out. Packed with nutrients and a smooth taste, this smoothie will leave you begging for more. Ingredients: 1 medium banana Half an avocado…

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Amanda’s End of Summer Arm Challenge

It may be nearing the end of summer but it’s still not too late to get those toned arms you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to show a little extra skin on the beach or impress your roommates with your new guns, this arm workout is the one for…

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5 Reasons To Start Cross Training

So, you jog four times a week and you think you’re in great shape? Yet, you might be missing out on the great benefits of cross training. Just because you have a passion for one sport doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up every now and then! Many of…

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Low-Carb Pasta

Nothing beats traditional Italian pasta with a heaping serving of marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Yet if you are trying to lose weight, pasta is not your best friend. So, here’s a recipe that will trick your brain into thinking its eating this…

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Laugh it up

Laughter, it’s the best medicine. Whether it’s laughing at your best friend’s stupid jokes or your little sister’s epic fail down the stairs, laughter has many mental and physical benefits. Below are some fun facts about laughter and a few reasons…

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Tough-love Tuesday – A Little Motivation to Get You Through The Week

    Hope this helps motivate you through the week. Save as an iphone home screen or alarm picture as a healthy remind to kick butt this week ;) .

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Low-Carb Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Nothing beats grandma’s home cooked mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Yet, how do you make a healthy version of this household favorite? Cauliflower mashed potatoes are a lighter reminder of this creamy goodness. Low in carbs and high in nutrients,…

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8 Tips for Eating Healthy When Out

Whether it’s the 5-star steak house in Beverly Hills or the Apple Bees around the corner, eating out can be riddled with temptation. From high calorie dishes to gourmet appetizers to fancy desserts, it’s hard to make the right choice. So, how do you…

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Amanda’s Killer Leg Workout

Yes, it’s summer time. So what better way to show off your new bikini than with a bodacious booty and toned legs? This killer leg workout will help get you there. (1) The forward lunge Use anything between a 3lb to 8lb pound weight. Lunge forward…

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The Benefits of a High Intensity Interval Workout

High intensity interval workouts often referred to as HIIT have many benefits beyond the gym. Looking to get the most bang for your buck? High interval training is just what you’re looking for. Here are a few reasons why you should try to push…

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