Hi, I'm Amanda Meixner!

After struggling with an eating disorder in high school I realized that being healthy was about fueling your body with the right foods, not starving yourself.

From that point onward I started educating myself on all things nutrition and began crafting my innovative meal prep techniques.

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Fun, Outdoor Workouts for Summer

Barbecues, babes in bikinis, and beach days are not the only things I'm excited about this summer.  With this change in weather, outdoor water sports and other activities become readily accessible. You no longer need to be stuck in a gym to get a…

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Kale-Banana Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect combo of veggies & fruit that gives you a smooth, slightly sweet taste. This is great for a morning meal or a mid-day snack. Ingredients: - 1 cup almond milk - 1 medium banana - small handful of kale - 3-4 baby…

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8 Ways to Sneak in a Workout

Packed for time? In an ideal world, we’d all have an hour to get in a workout. In reality, that’s not always possible. Here are a few ways to sneak a workout into your day. (1) Park really far away Although sometimes the closest spot to your office…

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100 Workout Challenge

Feeling adventurous? Try this 100-workout challenge and get your butt in-shape :) Reblog if you're in!

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3 Healthy, Mouthwatering Cookie Recipes

Did you read that right? Healthy cookies? Yes, it’s possible. If you’re looking for a healthy way to enjoy your favorites, you’ve found it. These three cookie recipes will leave you feeling guilt-less and on the way to the body you want. The Lazy…

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How to eat Healthy at a Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food can get out of hand really quickly. With all the cheese, sour cream & tortilla chips, it’s easy to pack on the calories. So, how do you stay on the healthy side while still enjoying a festive meal with your friends? Here are a few…

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Top 4 at Home Workout Dvds

Need a home workout that will kick your booty? Here’s my top 4! From high-intense moves to great toning workouts, these regimens will turn your living room into a home gym quicker than you can say Tony Horton. 1) P90X Ready to burn those calories?…

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4 reasons why working out can make you happier

You have all heard it before. The immediate effect of exercise often labeled the “Runner’s High”. But what really is the science behind the “oh-so-good” feeling you get after your workout? Here are a few reasons why your workout might be making you…

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Low-carb pizza? It’s possible.

Original Photo Click Here Low-carb pizza? Is it possible? Yes it is. Let’s be real, pizza is amazing. Yet if you are trying to stay on the lighter side of your diet, pizza is not the most diet-friendly meal. I decided to try this awesome low-carb…

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5 Ways to Burn Calories Fast

Crammed for time? Barely squeezing your workout in? I’ve definitely been there. That’s why it’s important to get the most out of the little time you have to workout. That’s why I’m pointing out the top 5 workouts that will help you burn the most…

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