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Amanda in the gym


I am Amanda. I am just like you. I spent my younger years in life confused about health, nutrition and fitness.

I developed an eating disorder in high school, and after a full recovery I soon realized that being healthy was a not about starving myself. Being healthy was about fueling my body with the right foods.

From that point onward, I started educating myself on all things nutrition & health and started sharing that journey with you! Because why would I keep that information to myself when I keep you from making the same mistakes I did and so much more?!

That is how MeowMeix was born and now with over 1 million followers later, this community is stronger than ever, making an impact in so many lives and taking our health back into our own hands. So welcome to my community where we share all things to help elevate you to a better, cleaner and more energized lifestyle.

Letโ€™s get going moving towards our best health yet because thereโ€™s is no time to lose!

Love you!


Amanda on the beach

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