Pizza can be a much more nutritious choice depending on the ingredients in your pizza! Unfortunately, many of the frozen pizza in the United States have unnecessary additives and ingredients you just don’t need or want in your food. That’s why I put together this list for you.

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Worst Frozen Pizzas

Red Baron Pizza

Digiorno Pizza

Jack’s Pizza

Freschetta Pizza

Overall, pizza should be fairly simple ingredients. Many have a lot of unnecessary additives.


Best Frozen Pizzas

Newman’s Own Stone-Fired Crust from Italy Line

Cappello’s Almond Flour Crust Line 

Banza Chickpea Curst Frozen Pizza

Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza

Amy’s Pizzas (not perfect but still a super solid choice!)

Snow Days Pizza Bites

Overall, look for simpler ingredients. You want to aim for brands that use olive oil over vegetable oil if you can!


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