From finding time to workout in the morning to putting on make-up to making sure your outfit is office-appropriate, its hard enough to catch that extra time you need to get everything done before you show up for work. Sometimes that extra 15 minutes on the treadmill is an oh-so-tempting way to throw your whole morning off. But if you haven’t already heard before, skipping breakfast can be a big NO-NO when it comes to your diet. I have definitely been guilty of grabbing a coffee and regretting that decision 2 hours later while its still too early to grab lunch.

For those of you on-the-go & squeezing in that extra time to workout or straighten your hair, here are 10 of our favorite easy-to-make, guilt-free breakfasts your tummy will thank you for later 😀


1. The Protein shake

 For that protein packed breakfast that will refuel after a hard workout, this is definitely a go-to. One of my favorite protein powders is skakeology. Looking for something a little more natural, Vega One protein powders are tasty & all-natural. Add light peanut butter or frozen fruit and blend for delightful & fast breakfast.

2. The Egg White Scrambler + Cheese

Forget separating out the yolk from the whites, Egg Beaters and other great companies make it easy for you to buy a carton of egg whites. From organic to cage-free, you’ll find the right scrambler for you. Add some light cheese and you got yourself a hot plate of deliciousness

3. The Original Oatmeal 

Easy & cheap, this fiber packed food makes it super easy for on-the-go. Add banana, brown sugar or dried fruit for a little more pop. And for those of you really in rush, Starbucks oatmeal can do the trick.

4. Detox Juice

For those of you into the detox kicks, juices are a easy way to fit in your fruits and veggies in the morning. Nektar offers a full kit of detox juices. For something a little more simple and cheap, Naked Juice and Evolution Juice have an array of choices and some great flavors!

5. Yogurt + Granola 

Yogurt is not only packed with protein but it contains probiotics with are great for your digestion. Greek yogurt is my personal favorite and with some many good flavors out there you have nothing to lose. Chobani and Fage are my two favorite and are always good for a mid-day pick-me-up. Add a little granola on-top to make for a super satisfying breakfast. 

6. The protein bar

An easy snack you can just throw in your bag, this breakfast bar never fails to satisfy. My favorites in include Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, & Power Bars.  

7. Fruit Salad

Easy to make and vitamin packed, a bowl for a fruit is the just the sugar-spike you need in the morning. For more fiber-filled fruits, try adding apple, bananas, berries or dried fruit. 

8. Turkey Bacon

For a super quick and protein-packed breakfast, turkey bacon is just the right thing to satisfy your salty cravings. Around 25-30 calories a piece with 2.5-3 grams of protein, this meat can be thrown on a pan or microwaved (yummy :D)

9. Cereal 

Yes, the good-ol-fashioned cereal & milk is still a great option in the morning! For cereal brands like Kashi to Fiber-One to Speacial-K, finding a nutritious cereal is even easier than ever. 

10. Protein-Packed Pancakes 

Looking for something a little more traditional, these protein packed pancakes with leave you feeling satisfied without all the guilt. Here’s an easy recipe of ingredients: Old-fashioned rolled oats, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla extract, blueberries, cooking spray, Greek-style low-fat yogurt, maple syrup. 

Enjoy 🙂