Added sugars and other additives are hidden in more of our foods than you think! Certain condiments are notorious for having high fructose corn syrup or inflammatory oils. These swaps will help you avoid many of these unnecessary ingredients.

Unfortunately, there are only a few brands making better alternatives but I hope to see more on the market soon!

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Condiment Swaps

BBQ Sauce

Worst: Sweet Baby Rays

Better: Stubbs 

Best: Primal Kitchen or Good Food for Food 


Worst: Hellman’s Mayo

Best: Chosen Foods Mayo or Primal Kitchen Mayo 


Worst: Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup or Heinz Original 

Better: Annie’s Organic Ketchup 

Best: Primal Kitchen Ketchup


Worst: Hidden Valley Ranch 

Best:  Chosen Food Ranch or Primal Kitchen Ranch 

Buffalo Sauce 

Worst: Kinder’s Wing Sauce & Sweet Baby Ray’s

Better: Noble Made Buffalo Sauce 

Best: Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce 

Chick-Fil-A Sauce

Worst: Chick-Fil-A Sauce 

Best: Primal Kitchen Chicken Dippin’ Sauce

Steak Sauce

Worst: A1 Sauce 

Best: Primal Kitchen Steak Sauce 


Barbecue Swaps

Hot Dogs 

Worst: Oscar Meyer Weiner or Ball Park 

Best: Teton Grass-Fed Beef, Applegate Organic Hot Dogs, Organic Valley Hot Dogs, Fork in the Road Hot Dogs


Worst: Ball Park Burgers 

Best: Grass-fed Beef


Worst: King’s Hawaiian Rolls

Best: Dave’s Killer Bread Buns


Worst: Kraft Singles

Best: Organic Valley American Cheese


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