CrossFit Football is “a comprehensive strength and conditioning program designed for participants in contact sports requiring speed, strength and capacity.” It uses multi-plane compound movements to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during sports. It can be a great workout but not everyone wants to pay $300 a month to workout in a  gym with no amenities. So, why not get it done at home? The site releases daily workouts and if you have an accountability partner, this can be a great option for getting in shape (but definitely not for the weak). My two co-workers follow the program on a weekly basis. Below are some general tips for doing CrossFit Football & the workout that a few other newbies and I tried out.


Some basics you will need to get most of the workouts done:

– pull-up bar

– barbell

– bumper plates

– rings


Extras that are good to have:

– medicine balls

– kettlebells

– slam ball

– box for box jumps


Here is the workout we did (just the strength side) and a great one to try if you’re interested. We did team style three versus three but you could just do it through by yourself. (Yes they called it the “Amanda” workout after me” 🙂 )



How it works:

One team goes first and tries to complete as many rounds of the below workout in 15 minutes (we did a coin toss to choose). The other two team members on team 1 must hold these “rest” positions: 1) a plank & 2) hold a 25 lbs plate for guys or a 15 lbs plate for girls overhead. If either person in the resting positions stop, the person doing the main moves must stop too. The team can switch up who is doing what move however they like as long as you’re doing the main workout in order. Whichever team makes it through the most rounds (and whatever extra reps of another round) “wins”.

The Main Workout:

10 Hand Release Burpee “Plank Partner” Overs



(Note: Make sure chest goes all the way to the ground and hands are released)

20 Ball Slams

Slam Balls


(Note: Bring slam ball completely overhead and slam into ground.)

30 Ab Met Sit Ups


(Note: make sure hands touch ground.)

40 Med Ball Thrusters

Med ball thrusters

(Note: make sure to squat down low and thrust ball back over your head.)


Resting Positions:



Plate Overhead


Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions. We had a lot of fun.

Team A


Team B

Team B

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