Forever chemicals in band-aids?

A recent study revealed that  65% of bandages contain forever chemicals including popular brands like band-aids.

  • 65% of total bandages tested had indications of PFAS “forever chemicals.” 26 detections out of 40 bandages tested had organic fluorine above 10 parts per million (ppm) according to our lab

This is concerning because you’re placing PFAs on open wounds which are known hormone-disruptors. 

  • Epidemiological studies have revealed associations between exposure to specific PFAS and a variety of health effects, including altered immune and thyroid function, liver disease, lipid and insulin dysregulation, kidney disease, adverse reproductive and developmental outcomes, and cancer.

The good news here is there are better brands out that like Welly and Patch without the harmful chemicals. 

Here are top bandages without PFAs: