Barbecues, babes in bikinis, and beach days are not the only things I’m excited about this summer.  With this change in weather, outdoor water sports and other activities become readily accessible. You no longer need to be stuck in a gym to get a good workout.  Here are some of my favorite outdoor workouts to get you in shape for summer.



Rent a boat and take a fun ride in this tight ship. For a good upper body and cardio workout, kayaking will hit the spot. Don’t let the fish scare you away. This is great for a fun date or some quality-time your friends.

Take a Hike

Get in touch with your natural side and take a stroll through a scenic location. For a more intense workout, stick to steep, uphill paths.  Your body will thank you later.


Pools can be used for more than just a fun place to throw a summer party. Throw on a suit and hit a couple laps for an aerobic, cardio workout. Swimming exercises your entire body, while at the same time putting low impact on your joints.


Wakeboard is not only a fun water sport, but a great workout too! Engaging your core, upper body and legs, wakeboarding can burn up to 400-500 calories per hour. Haven’t tried it before? Challenge yourself with this fun and unique sport.

Paddle Boarding

Head to your favorite beach spot and try this new outdoor workout craze. Paddle boarding is a great balancing exercise and perfect for building up core strength. And since you’re standing at full height, you’ll enjoy the views like eye candy on the beach to beautiful open horizons.

Summer is a spontaneous season. So, don’t be afraid to try something new!