Being prepared is the key to tracking on track, especially while traveling. The airport food court options are rarely good and the mini peanut & pretzel bags they hand out on the airplane just don’t cut it. Not only do the below ideas save you time and money in the airport but you’ll rest assured knowing your body got the right fuel it needed that day.

Tips: (1) They let you bring pretty much any solid foods through security, just not liquids! (2) If you forget to pack silverware, you can easily find that & napkins in the food court! (3) When you get through security, go in & buy a water bottle then you’re set.

1. The Day Pack 


This combination of salad, fruit, nuts and carrots were super easy to throw together and covered all my bases. Perfect for when you just need a meal and snacks to make it through the airport and direct flight. The protein and nuts kept me feeling full and the carrots gave me something to nosh on when I was bored – win, WIN!

Pictured above: Spinach salad with two hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes & red onion (I throw a dash of balsamic vinaigrette on it when I left), dry roasted almonds (unsalted), baby carrots & mixed berries. 


2. The Weekend Warrior Pack 


When I was traveling for work, I knew my schedule would be tight & I wouldn’t have many options on break. Cue my 6 Pack Fitness Cooler Bag – the perfect companion for my weekend trip. I love that it came with tupperware that fit perfectly into the bag. I was able to fit all my eggs, chicken, veggies & fruit! I even snuck some Flavorgod seasoning in the side pockets. The best part about this pack? I was totally set for the next few days. As soon as I got to the hotel room, I was able to stick everything in the mini fridge & it definitely helped me get through the few days of craziness.

Pictured above: 6 quest nutrition bars, 6 hard boiled eggs, baked chicken, baby carrots, cucumber & tomatoes salad and Shakeology packets. 

Pro tip: bring a shaker cup so you can easily use the shakeology packets. (Definitely forgot a shaker cup & mixing in a glass created quite a mess – ooopsss)


3. The Last Minute Planner Pack


Don’t want to have to worry about packing anything fresh? This is the pack for you. Snag a couple of your favorite protein bars, some organic turkey jerky, nuts, almond butter & instant coffee and you are good to go! Although I like to always have fresh veggies on me, this is a great option if you don’t want to have to worry about prepping or keeping items cool for long periods of time.

Pictured above: 4 quest bars, organic turkey jerky (I found at whole foods), 2 kind bars, Justin’s almond butter, Justin’s hazelnut butter, roasted almonds & Starbucks instant coffee

Hope that helps you stay on track while you’re traveling on vacation or for work! Feel free to leave any questions for me in the comments section.

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