Unfortunate news, Eat Banza’s Chickpea Pasta tests high for glyphosate. I know I’ve had this pasta in the past so this was also disappointing to me too.

Here’s what the organization Moms Across America found:

  • The highest level of glyphosate – 2,963 ppb found in Banza Chickpea Pasta – is the highest amount ever measured in human food by the lab.


For reference the EWG recommends for a 60-gram portion of food, this daily intake limit translates to a safety standard of 160 ppb of glyphosate.

As of April 2024, Bayer (Monsanto) has paid out nearly $11 billion to settle lawsuits over the safety of its Roundup weed killer, which contains glyphosate.

However, we can’t be completely surprised because non-organic chickpeas are sprayed with glyphosate. Crops like wheat, corn and chickpeas are often heavily sprayed with glyphosate which is why it’s important to buy these products organic!



So what can you do instead? Check out these great organic gluten-free pasta alternatives below.

The Best Organic Gluten-Free Pastas

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The Best Organic Regular Pastas

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Many stores do have organic whole wheat options too.


Don’t lose hope! There are brands continuing to do make better products for us.