Holidays are a great way to spend time with the Family, enjoy your friends and maybe eat a few things you wouldn’t normally eat. That doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout just because the gym is closed. Here are a few workouts you can work into your Holiday travel routine and do at home without any equipment!


1. The Ultimate Lunge Workout

Left Front Lunge (30 sec)
Right Front Lunge (30 sec)
15 sec rest

Left 45 degree Front Lunge (30 sec)
Right 45 degree Front Lunge (30 sec)
15 sec rest

Left side angle lunge (30 sec)
Right side angle lunge (30 sec)
15 sec rest

Left back lunge (30 sec)
Right back lunge (30 sec)
15 sec rest

Left front, 45 degree, side, back lunge (30 sec)
Right front, 45 degree, side, back lunge (30 sec)
15 sec rest

Jumping lunges (30 sec)

Do cardio for 2 minutes (run, jumping jacks, jump rope)
Do 3-4 times total

Trust me you’ll definitely be sore after this one. If you have dumbbells, use them in your last set.

2. The Push-up Plank Challenge


Reg push-up: 25 reps

Plank: 60 seconds

Military push-up: 25 reps

Jump squats: 25 reps

Wide push-ups: 25 reps

Forearm Plank: 60 seconds

Decline push-ups: 25 reps

Forearm Plank (Side to Side Hip touches): 60 sec

Diamond push-ups: 25 reps

High plank to Forearm Plank (up & down): 60 Sec

Reg push-up: 25 reps

Side Plank: 30 seconds each side (60 total)

Do 2-3 times total


3. Cardio Circuit Workout 


Circuit 1:

Jump Squats: 60 seconds

Sumo Squats: 60 seconds

Jumping Jacks: 60seconds

Butt Kicks: 60 seconds

High Knees: 60 seconds

Right & Left Forward Lunges: 60 seconds

60 sec rest

Circuit 2

Jump lunges: 60 seconds

Butt Kicks: 60 seconds

Mountain Climbers: 60 seconds

Burpees: 60 seconds

Jog in place: 60 seconds

Push-ups: 60 seconds

High Knees: 60 seconds

Repeat 1 time


Hope you guys enjoy! I know I love to get my daily dose of endorphins no matter what.



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