I’ve always been in great shape but it doesn’t mean I haven’t fallen off track before. The college fifteen is definitely a classic way to fall off the ban wagon but it doesn’t mean you can’t hop right back to it! From late-night frat parties to cafeteria-style food to friends with the eating habits of teenager boys, it can be particularly hard to stay true to your goal. I was able to still find the time to workout however I did let my diet fall by the wayside due to immense amounts of empty alcohol calories, bigger proportions, and letting processed carbs sneak their way back into my diet. Below is how I was able to get back to my goal weight and a few tips for helping you lose the freshmen fifteen.


1) I cut out processed/simple carbs


(Yum, healthy lunch 😀 )

Carbs such as soda, refined bread, sugared cereals, white rice, potatoes & pasta are stripped of their natural nutrients and fibers and therefore are not as nutrient-rich as their complex carb counterparts.

There is such a thing as good carbs know as complex carbs and those include foods such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, bran cereal, and fresh fruits. These foods are fiber rich, store more energy, and are a much more healthy & filling option. Swapping out my daily Panini lunch for a much healthier salad with quinoa or baked chick, sweet potato, & sautéed veggie combination has definitely helped me to lose the weight I gained in college.

2) I drank less alcohol


(Photo from my college years, hot mess = embarrassing)

I know that sounds like a daunting task but drinking less alcohol can really help make a big impact on your daily calories consumed. For example, calories in one glass of merlot are around 122. Have two of those a night and you’re adding 244 calories to your day. Now whether you would like to budget those calories into a night or two with dinner or save them for a weekend get-together with friends is up to. Since my college nights of partying four nights a week are done, it has been a lot easier for me to cut back and I still enjoy some drinks on the weekend or at a networking event without it really affecting my goals.

Just note, the less you drink the better you feel and you will be able to avoid those drunken late night binges or hungover breakfast burritos. Lower calorie options include choosing drinks like vodka soda or gin soda with a splash of tonic.

3) I added weight training


As a cardio fanatic, I was always running, running, running (hence the name of my blog). I still LOVE and do cardio all time however I realized the importance of adding weight training to my regimen. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that women who did weight training burned an average of 100 more calories during the 24 hours after their training session ended. That’s because after strength workouts, your muscles need more energy to repair the fiber. I now do 2-3 times a week of strength training and 3 times a week of ab exercises along with 5-6 days of cardio (I told you I love cardio 😉 ).


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