Trying to eat low carb? Cauliflower rice is a great to help you bulk up on the veggies and decrease your carb intake. I wanted to try something new and go a little lower carb than usual this week. Below is a step by step how to make some yummy cauliflower rice.

What you need to make the rice (before cooking):

– 1 Cauliflower Head

– Food processor or Blender

– Sandwich Size Freezer Bags (if you want to freeze extra)


Step 1. Grab cauliflower and make sure to cut off any brown spots if you see any.


Step 2. Cut the leaves off the bottom.

Cauliflower raw

Step 3. Cut the cauliflower in half and then break up the florets.

Cauliflower Florets

Step 4. Place chunks of the florets into the food processor/blender (I had to do this in a couple rounds).

Cauliflower in blender

Step 5. Pulse the blender/food processor until evenly chopped but not pulverized.

Cauliflower pulverized

Step 6. Remove into a large bowl.

bowl of cauliflower rice

Step 7. Set a batch of cauliflower rice aside to cook for the next few days and freeze whatever else you would like to save.

Cauliflower rice in plastic bags


For a great recipe and how to properly cook cauliflower rice, click here.

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