Kurt dialed in his nutrition and found his discipline leading him to this ABtastic transformation. I love featuring friends’ transformations on blog and I’m so happy to highlight him this because I see him hard at work in the gym almost every day. Below is a breakdown on his lifestyle changes and some tips to keep you going on your journey.


What are the biggest lifestyle changes you made?
The biggest thing I changed was my diet. I added in more protein and cut the sugar! My diet consisted mainly of tuna, chicken, ground turkey, and more veggies. I substituted rice with good carbs such as lentils and sweet potato. In addition, I added more weight lifting into my workout regimen (I went from lifting 3-4 days a week to 6 days a week). As the weeks went on, I lifted heavier weights and I noticed that I was bulking up and becoming more defined. I also increased the portions of my meals since I was lifting more.

What’s your go-to workouts?
I LOVE Body Beast for weight lifting. The dynamic set training and drop-setting method works wonders for my body! Also, the program is so structured and easy to follow. I’ve been doing the program for two years now, and I can always count on it to get me back in shape. For cardio, I usually do INSANITY MAX:30 or INSANITY: THE ASYLUM. I love fast, circuit interval training! It keeps my body in shock and there’s no room for plateauing. Plus, I love me some Shaun T! He’s so motivating! In addition, I’ll go for runs outside or try other workouts like Orange Theory or Barry’s Bootcamp.

What motivates you?
I work in Beachboy’s Success Stories department, so seeing peoples transformations on the daily really motivates me. I see people who were far worse off than I was in terms of weight, so it drives in my head the fact that I really don’t have any excuses. If these people can be strong enough to make an extreme change in their lives, than so can I! Also, I feel better inside. My head is clear, I’m more focused, and I just overall feel great! That’s inspiration enough for me to keep going with my health and fitness.

His the top tips for hitting your goals: 

Consistency: Stay consistent! You’ll get nowhere if you work out for two days then fall off for two weeks after that. Muscles deplete, so you can’t keep the body you want if you don’t keep your muscles worked out on a consistent basis. Your workout goes in vain if you do it once and then stay sedentary for the rest of the week. Get up and move!

Diet: Diet is sooooo important and actually, in my opinion, the most important component in getting fit and healthy. You can work out all you want, but you’ll never get to where you want to be if you indulge in cake and pizza every other day. Your muscles need to be fed the right foods in order to stay put!

Patience: You won’t get a hot bod over night! Patience is key. A lot of people get frustrated when they don’t see results after just one or two weeks. It takes time and actual hard work to get there. Let your body get used to workout out and eating right. Once you get the consistent workout routine and diet down, you’ll be solid!

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