Laughter, it’s the best medicine. Whether it’s laughing at your best friend’s stupid jokes or your little sister’s epic fail down the stairs, laughter has many mental and physical benefits. Below are some fun facts about laughter and a few reasons to get giggling.


(image from Dromo & my original post) 


Laughter is good exercise

A 2010 study suggested that laughter affects your body the same way exercise does, including an increased heart rate. It has also been shown to produce more endorphins, the same side effect of when you engage in moderate to vigorous exercise. Does that mean you can skip your workout and watch a comedy show instead? Probably not but it will make a good addition to your day.

Laughter is more about relationships between people

We are 30 times more likely to laugh in a social situation than we are alone. So next time you gear up to watch Monty Python’s Holy Grail, remember to grab a friend or two.

Laughter can help build up your immune system

Some studies have shown that humor may increase the level of infection-fighting antibodies and boost levels of immune cells. This means lower levels of stress on your body and a stronger immune system overall. Feeling drained and over worked? A good laugh with your friend over coffee may just be the right cure!

Laughter may lower blood pressure

A Japanese study with 79 adults showed that the group who participated in laughter sessions for an hour every two weeks showed improvements in blood pressure over a 3-month period. So maybe there is something to your crazy aunt’s uncontrollable laugh.

Laughter is contagious

Laughter may be more contagious than the bubonic plague. Whether it’s at work or around a dinner table with friends, laughter is like a cold you always want to catch. So next time you’re choosing between the girl in the hot dress or the brunette who makes you laugh hysterically, it may be best to with your gut 😉