A while back we were thinking about creating something that can serve people in a good way and be an affordable tool for health, fitness and nutrition. 

A year and a half later, after many hours and a ton of research, we finally made it to the finish line!

We wrote an ebook, called Master Your Health

There’s so much misinformation regarding fitness and nutrition, and our goal was to make something that is based on science, is affordable, easy to digest and filled with helpful information. 

Master Your Health is the name of the book, and you can buy it by clicking on the image. There is no monthly subscription or any recurring payments. It’s a one time purchase of $24.99, and it’s yours forever.

About the authors: 

Amanda Rocchio. Amanda struggled with an eating disorder in high school, but was able to make full recovery. After realizing that starving yourself is not the way to be healthy, nor is it sustainable, she decided to make it her life’s purpose to help others on their health journey and provide helpful and easy tips on healthy lifestyle that don’t break the bank. 

Chris Rocchio. Chris spent his 20s managing a band and living a party lifestyle. It wasn’t until his 30s that he realized that the way he was feeling wasn’t something that felt good nor what he wanted long term. He made a commitment to himself and his health and gave his all to researching everything about living healthy and sharing that with people. 

What’s in the book:

This 90 page ebook is filled with so much useful and practical information that you can start implementing in your life from day one. 

You get:

-mindset and goal setting worksheets that you can print out and write on to keep yourself on track when achieving your goals. 

-nutritional principles that will help you make sustainable, long term changes to your eating habits.

-workout programs that are good for everyone no matter the fitness level, from complete beginners who never worked out to people who have been working out for years.

-fitness foundations and principles on building a program that will give you results and will be enjoyable to do. 

– 30 recipes that don’t take a lot of time, can be perfect for meal prep and are filled with nutrients and vitamins. 


Sneak Previews from the Master Your Health Ebook:


Can it be helpful for someone over 50?

Absolutely positively yes. This book is for all adult ages and fitness levels, from people who never held a dumbbell in their life to someone who’s been lifting for years. 

How much is it?

The book is $24.99 as a one time purchase. 

How quickly do I get access to the book?

Immediately. Once you complete the purchase, it will take you to the book that you can then save on your computer.  You will also receive an email with the copy within a few minutes after purchase. 

Do I need gym access for the workouts?

No you don’t. Most of the exercises have both home versions and the gym one, so you can do the workouts from anywhere with minimal equipment. 

Can the nutrition and the food recommendations be useful for someone not living in the US? 

Absolutely! With a few brand name exceptions specific to the US, 99.9% of the recommendations are applicable for any country in the world. 

Where can I buy it? 

You can buy Master your Health by clicking this link.



“Ur book saved my life…in three months I’ve lost 10kg”

“I love that they share realistic tips that are easy to incorporate into everyday life and all kinds of helpful tools like checklists, healthy foods, example workouts, tutorials, and delicious recipes that I can actually make!”

“…it has changed my healthy eating game drastically!!”

“I just purchased mine, and I’m super excited”

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on your health journey today!