Did you know that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ eats 821 pounds of cod a year? That’s totally insane. (Click here to check out his food if you’re interested). Cod is a staple in a lot of body builder and bikini competitors diet due to its little to no fat content, high protein and that it’s easy to digest. 

Anyways, I decided to hop on the cod train and incorporate that into my super clean diet before Coachella. I’m doing 4 days of a “countdown to competition” style diet from 21 Day Fix EXTREME.  I will probably break one day up with some extra fruit or treat.

Below is a look at one day:

meal prep

Meal 1: Eggs whites & oatmeal with 1 tsp. Coconut oil (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 tsp.)

Meal 2: Chicken & Sweet Potato  (1 red, 1 yellow)

Meal 3: Tilapia & Asparagus with 1 tsp. Coconut oil  (1 red, 1 green, 1 tsp.)

Meal 4: Cod & Broccoli with 1 tsp. Coconut oil (1 red, 1 green, 1 tsp.)

Meal 5: Tilapia & Green Beans with 1 tsp. Coconut oil (1 red, 1/2 green, 1 tsp.)

Meal 6: Cod & Broccoli (1 red, 1 green)

Meal 7: Chicken with Bell Peppers, Spinach & Cilantro  (1 1/2 red, 1 1/2 green)

Meal 8: Shakeology & Cucumbers (not shown) (1 red, 1/2 green)

(All meats & veggies are seasoned with flavorgod seasonings as they are low-sodium & awesome)

Grocery list for the 4 days:

4 lbs white fish (tilapia & cod) 

2 lbs chicken 

3 bags broccoli 

1 bag spinach 

1 container of asparagus 

1 bag green beans

4 red bell peppers

4 yellow peppers

2 cucumbers 

4 small sweet potatoes

1 jar extra virgin coconut oil 


4 packets shakeology 

3-4 containers of liquid egg whites

flavorgod seasonings

clean meal prep

Q: Where do you get the black containers?

A: Click here to buy the same containers from amazon.

Q: How did you cook your meat?

A: All meat was baked in a pan with flavorgod seasonings & some lemon sprinkled. (Usually, I would also add a teaspoon of olive oil if I wasn’t having the coconut oil).

Q: So lost…use the colored containers and dump into the larger ones?

A: The colored containers are from 21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix EXTREME. I use it to help me measure out the proportions of all my food then put it into my black chefland containers for organization and mobility reasons.

Check out the groceries before the prep. (Plus, a little extra stuff because I cooked a few different meals for my boyfriend like zucchini pasta with turkey marinara).

groceries before prep

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