Superbowl Sunday is the number 2 food consumption event of the year, second to thanksgiving. If you’re not careful what you eat, you can pack on the calories very easily. Although it’s not always a bad thing to indulge a little, you may not realize how much you are really consuming.

Here are some interesting facts about how much Americans consumed this Sunday:

This little devil of mini cupcakes caught my attention (97 calories per serving – not the worst).


So how do you burn off these extra calories? By hitting the gym just a little harder this Monday. Huffington Post gives us a lay down of what you’ll have to do to burn those extra 1,200 calories.

  • 2 hours of running at a 10-min per mile pace (6 mile run) will burn 1,200 calories
  • 3 1/2 hours of downhill skiing will burn 1,200 calories
  • Sweating it out on the elliptical for 2 hours will burn 1,200 calories
  • 3 hour hike will burn off 1,200 calories