Need a little extra motivation? Need help pushing yourself through a workout? Then a workout class may be just the answer for you! From spinning classes to full body workouts to pole-dancing fitness classes, I’ve taken my fair share of energy-filled workout classes.  Here are my top 5:


(1) Spin your booty off: Spinning Classes

High intensity & high cardio, spinning is guaranteed to leave you covered in sweat. Depending on your instructor, spinning classes can be a HIGH-energy environment, perfect for pushing yourself. From glow in the dark spinning class to hill rides, I’ve seen them all. Recently, I went to a spinning class at Cycle House that had me feeling like I was in a dance party.

(2) Dance Party: Zumba Classes

Ready to party yourself into shape? Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that uses red-hot international music to create a class that’s downright addictive.  Fast paced and high energy, this workout class allows you to burn the calories while dancing your booty off to up-beat music. If you are looking to stray from your usual treadmill or elliptical regimen, this may be the class for you. It can be quite a sight to see some of the Zumba-goers try to pull off all the dance moves.

(3) Exotic Workout: Pole Dancing Fitness

Exotic workouts are one of the most infamous fitness classes to hit big. Pole fitness today has become a hybrid of athletic and female erotic dance classes.  From stripper pole tricks to sexy chair dance moves, women all across the U.S. can’t get enough of this sensual full body workout.  This workout focuses on toning your thighs, backend, upper body and getting your heart pumping by using the weight of your own body. (So that’s why strippers have been so sexy all these years!) Featured on Oprah and many other shows, this workout has drawn even the likes of celebrities.

(4) Tone your body: Sculpting & Boot Camp Classes

With different styles & various moves, these classes are upbeat and a nice change of pace! From cardiovascular, strength, endurance, and flexibility drills; these classes provide many benefits and help you target places you didn’t think were possible.

(5) The home dance class: Game Workouts

I love, love, LOOOVE some of these! These are super easy to do, & convenient for any time at home. You don’t even realize you are working out! Never thought your Nintendo Wii would become your next workout buddy? Well think again. Nintendo was one of the first gaming companies to pickup on this fitness craze and take full advantage. From Wii Fit Plus to EA Sports Active to Shaun White’s Snowboarding Game: Road Trip; Wii Fit can be the best workout buddy you’ve ever had! Xbox Kinect is always a super fun way to get in shape with games such as Dance Central, Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, and Kinect Zumba Fitness. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would encourage you to hop right in. Dance battling friends to songs like “Soldier Boy” and “Man-eater” in Dance Central 2 always makes for a fun night.