Hit your peak heart rate and gain functional strength with battle ropes. I know it only takes me a few minutes to hit my max out when using battle ropes. This workout is quick and you’ll feel like a badass doing it. *Note: the longer and thicker the rope, the more difficult the movements will be. This rope is 2 1/2 inches thick and 50ft long.


@Chris.Rocchio_Fit lays down the moves in the video below. Do each move for 15 seconds to complete a full round and do 3 rounds total. Rest 45-60 seconds between each round. Bonus round: If you’re feeling really good, do each move until failure with 30 sec rest in between.

1. Outward Circles
2. Double Whips
3. Alternating Single Arm Waves
4. Alternating Hooks

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7aXIWz9ciI]
Benefits of battle rope training:

1) Full body engagement

2) Helps locate and eliminate strength imbalances – When you start, you’ll realize one side’s wave form is cleaner than the other. This visual representation draws via wave form draws your attention to to the strength imbalance and forces you to improve. And since it works the whole body, it forces underused Body parts to catch up with the rest.

3) Dual-Force Dynamic Effect – Using gravity and wave force to improves your body’s physiological systems (muscularity, cardiovascular, pulmonary, & nervous).

4) Low Impact HIIT movement – Means less injury and less wear & tear, while remaining explosive and dynamic.

5) Stability & Mobility – dynamic moves strengthen the neuromuscular system to apply forces that starts in the core and extends to the extremities.

6) Functional Fitness – power, strength, grip, & endurance.