Are you healthy all week only to blow your progress on the weekends? I know I’ve been guilty of that before. While some occasions may be unavoidable, there are definitely strategies to staying on track during the weekend and you plan your cheat meals appropriately.   

Here are my top tips to keep from binge eating on the weekend while still satisfying your sweet tooth & having the perfect cheat meal to keep your motivated the rest of the week.


1. Have your treat meal for dinner

Whether it’s deep fried Oreos or a nice fat steak, save your treat meal for later in the day because it will prevent you from craving the same crappy food all day. Haven’t you eaten poorly in the morning and then said to yourself “Screw it, I’ve already ruined my day! Let’s make every meal a cheat meal.” That’s why it’s key to try to stick to healthier choices in the morning and then save your deep-fried Sunday addiction for the evening.

2. Incorporate healthy desserts into your lifestyle

Dark raw cacao chocolate with almonds and shredded coconut is an absolutely delicious combo! I know I don’t crave other desserts when I allow myself to have some chocolate combined with some healthy fats. Chocolate protein powder is another go-to of mine and I love having it almost every night.

3. Drink tea with raw honey & lemon

If I’m still craving something sweet after I’ve had my chocolate, tea with raw honey is a great way to start or end a day. Plus, the extra liquid keeps me feeling full.

Pique Tea makes it easy with their tea crystals that you just add to hot water. They sent me some of their tea to try and I love it! Use my discount code: MEOWPIQUE and you can get 20% off their tea.

4. Try new exotic fruits

Melissa’s Produce sent me some delicious new fruits this weekend and my tummy was very happy. Dragon fruit and passion fruit is not something I eat every day but I love being able to switch it up especially on the weekends.

5. Eat a healthy meal before going to a party or event

Think going to an event on an empty stomach is a good idea? So false. Even if you’re planning on treating yourself at this event, eating beforehand will help prevent you from going overboard. If you eat nothing all day, only to scarf down a pizza, churro and enough candy to fill a kid’s Halloween bag, you are definitely not doing yourself or any of you hard work any favors. Eat a light salad or meal beforehand and let yourself enjoy the food with a clear mind.

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