Busy schedule? Barely enough time to fit in a workout? I totally understand. Between my crazy school schedule of 19 units and interning 3 days a week, it’s hard to fit in everything I want. Although I’m pretty good at working out in the morning, it can often be rushed and not as successful as I would like.

That’s why I’m a total advocate for the weekend workouts. Here are my reasons for why you re-consider using Sunday as your “rest” day and use one or two of your busier week days to slack off 😉


(1) More SLEEP

The weekend usually means time to kick back & sleep in. Even if you hit up the hottest new nightclub with your friends, you usually can sleep in till your heart’s content. Sleep is vital for your muscle recovery and will obviously make it easier for you to push yourself during your workout.

(2) More TIME

Instead of having to rush a workout in before work, the weekend allows you to take the hour and thirty minutes you wanted to get that complete full body workout. Go ahead, take the time to try out that workout class you’ve always wanted to try and still have time for abs & weights after 😉


Weekend is an opportune time to take your workout somewhere else. Instead of running on the treadmill, go for a run on the beach. Instead of doing the stair master for 30 minutes, try running up the oh-so-impossible hill you’ve been dreading.

(4) More FUN

The weekend is an excuse to try NEW things. Wake boarding, kayaking, hiking with some friends, you won’t even realize how good of a workout you’re getting in 😉 So skip the boring old gym routine and test out some new waters.


Your friends are all over the place during the week. The weekend is the perfect time to grab a friend and try a new fun workout class.

So don’t be a fool and use Sunday as your day off. Next time your boss makes you stay extra late at work, be thankful Wednesday can be your day off and you did that epic hike with your friend this past Sunday

I usually run my longer runs on the weekend like the one below 😉