Weight loss products are everywhere! Skinny and fit teas, waist trainers, “fat burners” – all of these products claim to “make you thin” and even “toned,” but as you may have guessed…they’re not at all worth the hype. Lucky for you, I wasted my money so you don’t have to! These weight loss products are all just gimmicks that aren’t good for anything, except for maybe making your wallet a little lighter. While it can be tempting to find that “quick fix,” the reality is – there isn’t a quick fix! Losing weight takes dedication and consistency.  

There’s even been research done on some of these said “weight loss” products, so let’s dig into some of them, and why you should SAVE YOUR MONEY. 

Waist Trainers

  • Think of these like a corset. They may give you more of an “hourglass shape,” while you’re wearing them, but there’s no long-term effect. Once you take it off, you’re back to your non-hourglass shape. So what’s the point?!
  • Potential health risks include reducing blood supply to organs, like your liver and weakening your core muscles, leading to poor posture, back pain, and overall weakness 
  • Bottom line: A waist trainer will only make you uncomfortable and make it harder to breath

Fit Teas or “Tea-Toxes” 

  • Any weight loss effect from these weight loss products is typically from losing water weight that will come right back when you’re properly hydrated. 
  • These often contain laxative ingredients that have been linked with liver damage at high doses AND can cause mild dehydration. 
  • Bottom line: Opt for high quality regular tea (black, green, white, oolong) instead of a high-priced, fake fitness tea. All of these natural teas listed above been linked to weight loss and have improved people’s health for centuries! Plus, it won’t break the bank. 

Fat Burning Supplements

  • Some of these show that you can “lose weight,” while taking them, but let’s be real –  effects are not long-lasting.
  • With any of these supplements, there’s a list of potential negative side effects you’ll have to deal with as well. 
  • Many weight loss supplements contain unlisted and unapproved ingredients, making them dangerous and ultimately ineffective. 
  • Bottom line: Skip out on crappy fat burners that only leave you feeling ill.

Now that I’ve outlined all of the quick fixes you should avoid at all costs (literally).  I want to give you some good news! Guess what? There’s a simple strategy I’ll outline below that will leave you feeling good and lead to long-term weight loss. The key foundations of a sustainable weight loss routine include:

  • A moderate calorie deficit – Make sure you’re getting enough protein and not going too low on fats or carbs.
  • Getting movement in on a weekly basis – Do what you can and build over time
  • Hydration – Increased hydration can increase metabolism and lead to weight loss, as well as improve digestion and muscle function. Drink up! 
  • Getting enough sleep and recovery – Not getting enough sleep affects everything from your cravings to your muscle function and puts you at risk for weight gain

The secret sauce to making all of that happen is YOU, not a gimmicky, expensive tea. Skip those useless weight loss products and save your money! You really do have the strength to pursue a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel good from the inside out.

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