I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel their best, which is a huge part of why I do what I do. Now, more than ever- I encourage you to take this time to reflect on how you’re feeling.  I know that no one feels their best 100% of the time, but my question for you is: Is it normal to feel like crap? Brain fog, grogginess, bloating, fatigue, aches, skin problems, and energy crashes are some things we accept as normal, but I’m here to confidently share that it definitely does NOT have to be that way. You didn’t evolve to feel like sh!t. Just because these symptoms are normal in today’s society, doesn’t mean it has to be YOUR normal. 

While I can admit that modern society has definitely given us some huge advancements, like digital communication channels, technology, and more…it’s also set us up in a way that doesn’t necessarily support a healthy, thriving lifestyle.  This is especially true if you don’t actively try to incorporate habits and rituals that make you feel better. It’s SO easy to wake up and instantly check your phone and email, however, this can lead to a spike in your cortisol levels & set you up for a stressful day.  There are ways you can change these habits though, in order for you to feel your absolute best. Whether it’s adjusting your morning, nighttime, or daytime routine. YOU deserve to feel good and that starts with listening to your body. I’ll also always encourage you to turn to the foundationals. If you’re feeling like crap more often than not, then your body is screaming at you to tell you that something is off balance.  It is YOUR duty, to find the root of that & work to fix it. Change won’t happen overnight, but incremental change & focus, will help you make small changes that will make a big impact in your day to day. 

Here are some questions I encourage you to ask yourself if you haven’t been feeling great:

▶ Are you supporting your body with good nutrition & hydration?

▶ Are you incorporating some natural movement or exercise?

▶ Are you prioritizing sleep and stress management?

These are some of the core pillars to feeling your best, so I encourage you to evaluate how they are affecting your daily life, and make changes if necessary. It’s not about losing weight or getting “beauty sleep”- it’s about you listening to your body and having the tools to set yourself up for success every day.  When it doubt, here are some tips I like to integrate into my day if I’m not feeling my best.

Get Moving: Any type of movement always helps me relax, clear my head.

Hydrate: Drink lots of water!

Journal: Take 5 minutes to reflect on everything you’re grateful for.

Meditate: Take 10 minutes of your day to slow down and meditate.

Get some zzzs: Going to bed early will help your body & mind reset.

And also please don’t be afraid to reach out for help or check in with a physician, functional medicine doctor, or therapist to address the underlying issues.

Here’s to making 2020 a year of feeling great! Let me know what helps you feel your best in the comments below. <3