The wait is finally OVER! If you follow me closely, you know I’ve said “coming soon” on my podcast for a while. Well, now I’m thrilled to announce that we have officially launched our podcast, Master Your Health, which you can listen to here! If you don’t have an Apple device, don’t worry, you can also stream it here.

As many of you may know, my fiancé, Chris Rocchio and I have been working hard on this podcast for months now, to bring you guys a ton of value and actionable steps when it comes to mastering your health. While most of you may know me for more of my nutritional information and healthy recipes, this podcast is going to be so much more than just nutrition information.  We’ll be chatting with various guests and experts within the field, to maximize your knowledge on all things health, eating, and total body wellness. It’s a totally dynamic show where we’ll cover topics all across the board.  

Everything from nutrition to workouts to recovery to mindset/meditation and healthy tips so you can truly MASTER YOUR HEALTH.  It’s all about making incremental changes to your diet & lifestyle, in a way that’s totally do-able. Plus, we’ll be sharing a ton of helpful resources in the show notes, so you can continue to refine your healthy routine and ultimately Master Your Health.  



To kick things off, I sat in the hot seat for an intimate interview where I open up about everything from my eating disorder & how I made a full recovery to how I fell in love with fitness & health and developed a better relationship with eating and wellness.  But we didn’t stop there! Not only will you guys get the first listen to episode one – you’ll get to listen to TWO MORE episodes where I sit down with my fiancé Chris to cover topics around strength training, supplementation and recovery and with Tyler from Functional Foods on Naturopathic wellness & the importance of whole foods in your diet. 

We can’t wait to hear what you guys think!